What to wear for an interview

Dress to impress – What to wear for an interview

Yes! You cracked that coding interview round and you rocked the phone…

Yes! You cracked that coding interview round and you rocked the phone screening and now you received an onsite interview call. Nothing more thrilling than receiving that onsite interview invite. One of the the most important thing (and also one of the most neglected thing) for the onsite interview is the dress code. Once you get the interview invite, most of us (nerdy engineers) dig ourselves in to books and preparation that we do not think about what to wear until the last second. Specially the new grad students tend to grab the only piece of “formal” clothing and rush to the interview. Where as what you wear actually reflects your personality. I totally agree what and how much you know is what ultimately matters while receiving a job offer. But what you wear plays a vital role as well. If you are dressed smart your confidences boosts to the next level and that affects positively towards your interview. I am also coming from the same place and have gone through the same dilemma of  – ‘whether is it ok to wear a jeans to the interview or no?’ ‘Does it really matter what I wear?’ ‘I am good as long as I answer everything, right?’. And have ended up dressing up too much or dressing too odd. Which ultimately resulted into wearing a n awkward expression on the face instead of the confidence. So, here are things that I have learnt by listening to advice from seniors, coming from my own experience and little bit of research.

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Before you go on a trip

Before you go on trips while studying abroad

There was a time in my initial days as a student here…

There was a time in my initial days as a student here in USA when I used to say no to every trip I was asked to join, thinking first – I am here on a loan, my dad is paying for my expenses so, I must save every penny and should not splurge on outings, and second – if I go out it will affect my studies. If I stay at same place same environment every day it really stresses me out. I can not study, read and do assignments continuously everyday of the year. I am sure that is practically impossible for anyone really. So, soon enough I changed my mind and found ways to manage trips on a really affordable budget and balance studies as well. I mean it would have been shame to miss on all those amazing California beaches and long drives. I understood that the break is essential. It is essential to clear your mind and start fresh. Monotonous way of life can really bog you down. I think small trips during education actually fuel your progress. They not only refresh your mind but also help to make your friendship bond stronger and add to your experiences.

No matter which city you are in, if you are a student and thinking that I should wait until I complete my education and then I will start exploring – stop!. This is the time, you never know what future may bring. So, please please never miss on opportunities. Plan your trips while you are a student, and I promise you those trips will create perfect memories for you that you will want to re-live these moments again and again.

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Summer Internship 101 – Coding Interview preparation guidelines

The most vital part of an international graduate student in U.S. is…

The most vital part of an international graduate student in U.S. is a Summer internship. It’s the stepping stone of your career. It’s not only important because of learning experience, opportunity to earn and manage expenses but also many companies convert internships into full time jobs. So, it has to be approached very sincerely with planning and good preparation.

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