What to wear for an interview

Dress to impress – What to wear for an interview

Yes! You cracked that coding interview round and you rocked the phone…

Yes! You cracked that coding interview round and you rocked the phone screening and now you received an onsite interview call. Nothing more thrilling than receiving that onsite interview invite. One of the the most important thing (and also one of the most neglected thing) for the onsite interview is the dress code. Once you get the interview invite, most of us (nerdy engineers) dig ourselves in to books and preparation that we do not think about what to wear until the last second. Specially the new grad students tend to grab the only piece of “formal” clothing and rush to the interview. Where as what you wear actually reflects your personality. I totally agree what and how much you know is what ultimately matters while receiving a job offer. But what you wear plays a vital role as well. If you are dressed smart your confidences boosts to the next level and that affects positively towards your interview. I am also coming from the same place and have gone through the same dilemma of  – ‘whether is it ok to wear a jeans to the interview or no?’ ‘Does it really matter what I wear?’ ‘I am good as long as I answer everything, right?’. And have ended up dressing up too much or dressing too odd. Which ultimately resulted into wearing a n awkward expression on the face instead of the confidence. So, here are things that I have learnt by listening to advice from seniors, coming from my own experience and little bit of research.

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Five must have Money Managing Apps for International Students in USA

Since I moved to USA some phone apps and websites have become…

Since I moved to USA some phone apps and websites have become an integral part of my life. When you come here, most probably you will end up knowing about these through friends anyways and would start using these regularly like me. Or may be you have not discovered these yet and then my efforts of writing about them would be worthwhile ! Anyways, I thought I should list out how money is “managed” here. When I say here, I mean I never had to use these apps when I was in India. Managing money amongst friends was play of good understanding. (“Aaj maine bhara kal tu bharle”). And some plus and minus, here and there was never an issue back then. But as soon as you put your foot on the land of States, you inevitably become that different person who always count shares. Specially when you come here as a student, every penny counts. Be it grocery shopping, rent, restaurant shares, outings or toilet tissues, you would want to divide everything equally. After all you are spending in dollars which means one dollar equals 65 something rupees which is a lot! (I know how hard it is to come out of “the conversion phase” in student life). Moreover, you would want to keep tab on your spendings (lets be honest which we never had to do back in India).
So, here are my top five apps/ websites for managing my money.

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First Medical Experience and January 2017 Round-up

In one of her latest blogs, Kate La Vie talks about this…

In one of her latest blogs, Kate La Vie talks about this tweet which says January was a ‘free month trial’ and February should be considered a s a New Year. Seriously, I do not understand how it is February already. I feel like I have not seen January at all and its gone nothing as planned.

The start of this year has been something else for me. Like everyone else, I had super killer plans for the new year and the new start. I was never that resolution kind of girl. But for the first time in so many years I had few resolutions and few plans. Which did not include fifteen solid days of fever and pain and sickness. I never get seriously ill. But this January was one with too many “firsts”. First doctor visit in United States of America, first flu (which turned out to be false diagnosis), first kidney problem, first IV (which is Intravenous Therapy – Indian translation Saline). Yeah! Pretty much went through hell. But, going through these I  learnt few things. I learnt a bit more about American medical system, got familiar with how my medical insurance actually works. So, I thought why not share little of what I went through.

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5 reasons why you should start cooking your own food

Its a busy life. Student life is so so busy, you have…

Its a busy life. Student life is so so busy, you have tons and tons of tough assignments, deadlines to meet, projects, studies, exams and tests. It is obvious decision of students to eat in a cafeteria, join a mess, hop restaurants or just survive on subways. But let me give you some solid justification that why you must start cooking your own food. And trust me it is manageable with your studies, in fact it would be rather helpful in your ultimate success.

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