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International travel hacks

As much as I love going back home to India or for that matter as much as I love traveling, thinking of 15-20 hours of flight journey gives me a tiny panic attack. Not able to sleep on planes, constantly changing temperatures and pressures, small congested seats, connecting flights fiascos, long and boring layovers and unavoidable jet lags – oh god! But I have learnt some tricks to survive through these and here are my few hacks for your next long international travel.

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  • Always do online check-in. Check-in opens 48 hours prior to flight for international flights.
  • Call you airlines 3-4 days before to confirm terminal, and baggage allowance, to avoid last minute surprises.
  • Double check layover time.
  • Carry empty bottle.
  • Fill your empty bottle after security.
  • Wear easy slip on shoes.
  • Wear easy cloths for long flights. No jeans no tights. I like to wear joggers with loose long sleeve t shirt.
  • Check all your pockets before entering airports.
  • Carry a small cross body bag for quick and easy access to passport, boarding passes, immigration forms while on airports. later you can tuck it in your laptop-bag/handbag.
  • Double check your carry on. You may have mistakenly packed liquids, lotions, perfume bottles, deodorants. its painful to see your expensive perfume being thrown in to the trash.
  • Flights can get too cold or hot, unpredictable. Wear removable jacket and carry a scarf.
  • Carry a shawl or a small blanket. Not all blankets provided are clean.
  • Charge phone/laptop before 1 hour of landing.
  • Always get bags with four wheels.
  • Never forget to tie ribbons on checkin bags and stick big name tags.
  • Put xerox of all your important documents and your ticket in every bag.
  • Keep your important documents and valuables in you laptop-bag/handbag which will be in front of you all the time.
  • Never forget to pack 3-4 days cloths in carry on. It helps in case your bags go missing.
  • Reach at least 3 hours before flight’s boarding time.
  • Take left most line in security.
  • Keep checking information board frequently until you board even if you are at the right gate. They may change gates last minute.
  • Neck pillows , sleep masks, earplugs are saviors specially for economy class passengers.
  • Carry currency in cash, for both countries where you are departing from and where you will land.
  • Unlock your phone sim and let your carrier know about your travels and ask them for international charges.
  • Put notice on your credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts about your travel. that way you can use your cards in different country without getting it locked.
  • Never carry fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink a lot of water during flights. Airplanes are dehydrating.
  • Eat every meal provided to you, even if you are not feeling hungry.
  • Carry chocolates.
  • Take a walk in a flight, stretch up a bit.
  • Prepare for jetlag, it is going to happen.

Do you find these helpful? Do share your feedback.

Have a wonderful journey.

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